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The WackyCatures team will be preparing video clips of easy-to-follow instructions on photo & graphics editing to help you fix the head photos to your wackycatures.  Yes, YOU CAN do it - but you will need a good photo-editing software like Adobe PhotoShop.   We will post the tutorials on which will be featured on this page.  Meanwhile, here’s our first production - a short video of the top three presidential candidates lending their heads to the WackyCatures.  Enjoy the show!

A FREE Powertool for Working on Your WackyCatures

So you’re thinking "these WackyCatures are neat” but you don’t know where to get your PhotoShop with which to affix heads on them?  Well, we have good news for you!  ADOBE must have heard you whining and has just launched the PhotoShop as a social media venue. Yes, the beta version of the PhotoShop Express is here for you and for me!


Try it out at It actually is a combi image editor-storage-sharing program accessed online via Java. See what you'll like about it and make suggestions as to how it can be made better.


- Work on the headshots you need for your very own WackyCatures and edit as many photos you want to your heart's desire.


- Store and organize WackyCatures creations and other photos in 2 GB of online album


- Selectively exhibit your WackyCatures creations and other photos for the some lucky chosen few or for the world to see 


It might not be perfect, but many agree that the PhotoShop Express is a powertool that puts a premium on ease and fun!

TIP on Internet Browsers....

Want more downloading speed on (and other graphics-loaded sites) than what Windows Internet Explorer can offer?  You may wish to try out Safari 3 beta for PC from  It is FREE and easy to download, and can even run parallel to Windows Internet Explorer (no need to uninstall) without problems.  Its rendering performance, user-friendly interface and host of other features may just be what you are looking for!

TIP on Choosing HeadShots for WackyCatures....

It's easier to work on a headshot with less clutter in the background.  Choose an image showing the clear features of the person.

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